Thy Kyng "Slumville Transylvania" Album Art

Thy King "Slumville Transylvania" Album Art and Process

This is one of the first album art concepts I took on, made in a short time frame.
The client approached me saying the theme was "spooky" and he wanted me to run with it.
"Slumville Transylvainia" Album Art
The creative process of my album are creation involves a lot of liaising with the client so that I can really get to understand their dreams, wants and desires. They sometimes send me a number of pictures which I will use as reference to create different concepts. Once they've selected one, we begin to build on it.
@Thykyng reference image
The concept I presented was drawing on a ghetto dracula vibe, I used a reference of an African slum in the background, partially because I wanted to add something that represented my heritage and because it added to the post-apocalyptic vibe I was trying to convey
ThyKyng Concept Proposal
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